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Tatami Without border
(The borderless tatami-mat)
Goza Sheet is bent by force.
A skilled technology is necessary to bend dry Goza beautifully.

Without border tatami color
It can be felt that the borderline of Tatami and Tatami disappears and the room is wide.
How that becomes popular in Japan to pave it is to make all Tatami Halh size.

The direction of the grass of Goza is seen alternatively as shown in the following photographs.

This how to pave it is called "Ichimatsu".
Same Goza is used though the color seems to be different.
Because the direction of the grass is different, the color seems to be different.
Goza is this Koganehaku.
Other various Goza can be used.

It is also possible to use the surface material of two kinds of different colors.

The photograph above uses Seiryu12 and Seiryu14.

There are a grass of nature and Goza of the Japanese paper material.

Japanese paper "Seiryu01"

We can also produce deformed tatami mats.
Material is CHURA 02.
Please see here.
Without border tatami color

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