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Re Use Tatami
Stocked beautiful BASE
A certain interior construction has increased suddenly in Japan now.
Construction to abandon Tatami and to change it to the wooden floor has increased.
The Japanese who likes West culture abandons Tatami, and is building the wooden floor.
It is very sad.

Tatami thrown away are various like the one etc.
used only by the one and several years that pass tens of years.
And, a lot of Tatami are abandoned without being recycled.
We are very regretted.
We think, and when Tatami used only by several years is too good
though very old Tatami cannot be helped to be thrown away.
Tatami are these products that can be used still enough.
And, they are Tatami of the high quality made in Japan.
We hear that the used car made in Japan used in Japan is valuable in the global market.
We believe that beautiful used Tatami made in Japan are they and the one worth the same.
When we sell you used Tatami, surface (Goza) of Tatami and Border are newly exchanged.
And, the antibacterial treatment is done beautifully cleaning Base.
The price of the Re-UseTatami is made JPY5,800(MTU-201).
This uses the same surface material as MT201(JPY10,000) of new Tatami.

However, there are some conditions in this Re-UseTatami.
1 An internal material becomes only a fiberboard. Reason

There are a lot of one of a used material of Straw that hurts considerably.
2 The size cannot be specified. Reason

The size of Tatami is different when measuring it accurately in every one piece.
The width size is about 80cm.
The length size is about 170cm.
The thickness : from 4 to about 6cm.
If the size of the place where Tatami is put is taught, the layout drawing can be made.
3 A little time is necessary. Reason

After the order is received, used Tatami is prepared.
4 The character is written with the magic marker on the back side of Tatami. Reason

This character is the one writing without fail on the back side of Tatami.
It is a character to specify the place that Tatami paves.
These characters will be sent to you without erasing it.
Please acknowledge it.
The bought person's agreeing to the above-mentioned four items becomes assumption.

Price of new Tatami using the same surface material

Re-Use Tatami price(With border) Price of new Tatami using
the same surface material
MTU-201 JPY5,800 MT-201 JPY10,000
MTU-202 JPY6,000 MT-202 JPY11,000
MTU-203 JPY7,000 MT-203 JPY12,000
MTU-204 JPY8,000 MT-204 JPY13,000
MTU-205 JPY9,000 MT-205 JPY14,000
MTU-206 JPY10,000 MT-206 JPY15,000
MTU-207 JPY11,000 MT-207 JPY18,000
MTU-208 JPY11,000 MT-208 JPY18,000

Stocked beautiful BASE
Thickness Material Size W xL Quantity
1 30mm Fiber board 85cmx175cm 10pcs
2 55-60mm Fiber board&Urethane mix type 85cmx175cm 8pcs