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Four sheets of tatamis are being laid by the concept car "ZEN" of
Isuzu motor put on display in Tokyo motor show in this year.

TakashiMorita made this tatami of the England studio of IsuzuMotor
during the England stay on 28 from this August 18.

The specification of the tatami is Borderlessmat
which Meseki-IgusaSheet was used for. The thickness of the tatami is 1cm.

Probably, it doesn't think that there was a car which pursued "ZEN"
thoroughly here by car which a big manufacturer made.

By all means, see an actual car in Makuhari.

A "shoji" was imaged, and it is said that a front grill was made.
A side window images the shape when "SENSU" is opened.
A bamboo board is put in the step. A black board inside the car is the reverse side board of the tatami.
A bamboo material is put with the seat as well by the peculiar form in the rear.
Then, this seat falls in the former direction, and flat space is produced in the car.
It is the design that originality is high very much.
A grill under the ISUZU logo images a "shoji".
Though it is a concept car, the engine of 3000cc is carried, and it is said that it moves neatly.
A center is Mr. Yamada whom it took care of during the English stay more.
He is a design person in charge in Europe Isuzu.
His wife treated me to English cooking.
Our store came with left Mr.Geoff in March.
It is working scenery in Europe Isuzu.
It worked with the tool on hand because there was a trouble and it didn't arrive by the working day though the tool of the tatami was sent with the international mail.
The secretary of Mr. Yamada took pictures of my working scenery.
It was the Japanese woman married in England. I had the tool
and so on which it was short of supplied. Thank you.
A bond is put on the vertical thread so that Igusa sheet may not come loose.
It is considering.
Igusa sheet was put on Fiber board of a thickness 1cm.
Igusa sheet is fixed on Fiberboard.
It took one day and a half to complete four sheets.
A tatami knife was sent in advance. After I arrive at the spot,
a tool except for it has been supplied since a place to vary.
It is B&B which it stayed at during the work.
It is said that this building is passing for no less than several hundred years.
It was the lodging where it could only sleep well during the England stay.
The interior of the room was very wonderful, and began at this time, and actual feeling which it came to England for welled up.
The place where I stayed is cotswold.
The stone of the gold color was being used for the outer wall of the building.
Because they were all red bricks, it was very fresh and beautiful in other areas.
It is the bed it let me do deep sleep.
Though the end came, it is the sight laid in the car.
It is very wonderful.
It is good when it is put on the market!