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We have been exporting tatami since 2000
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The entire site was adjusted.
Information on Tatami that newly used Japanese paper was put.

We learned to introduce an excellent staff.
The staff is the professional of the export business which English conversation is made in.
The page of the price and the page of the structure of the tatami were made.
The price list
The structure of the tatami.
The page of the GOZA was made new.
A price is inserted, too.
How to export a tatami.
It is airmail that our store recommends.
Airmail is the best for the quality maintenance.
But, it is a fault that the charge of is very high.
If, it can be transported by ship when you live in the north country from the equator.
Transport by ship was done in Losangeles of the United States of America from Japan.
It took more than 30 days before reaching the guest of the Losangeles residence after it was delivered in the Japanese shipping warehouse though navigation days were about 10 days.
But, there was no problem in the quality and so on at all.
It has the individual way of packing it in our store except that an anti-fungus does how to dispose of it in the tatami.
Incidentally, the transport fees to send 6 sheets of tatamis to Losangeles are about 45, 000 yen by using the transport by ship.