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100%Custom-made TATAMI , Organic materials

One of our client said......Tatamis are very cool!!

We established in Tokyo in 1933 . Last update: 31 August ,2022

The Japanese culture was born on the tatami, grew up, and was completed

We are exporting the TATAMI to 60 countries

Our shop can reduce tariffs using EPA and TPP.
However, your country needs to have a trade agreement with Japan.
We have contracts with several exporters so we can adjust the shipping costs.
Our shop has many years of experience, and can export tatami to any country.

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You can now watch videos of our work on Youtube.

Our store was featured on the CBS News site. Opens in a separate window.

Anyway,let's ask anything!

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IGUSA OMOTE is being used for the surface of the tatami mat.
IGUSA OMOTE is the product which is woven natural grass carefully.
IGUSA OMOTE sends out the smell which makes a mind become calm.
There is action which sterilizes bacteria in IGUSA OMOTE.
Try to walk on IGUSA OMOTE barefoot. It is very pleasant.

We keep making tatamis for more than 89 years in Tokyo.
We have exported tatamis to the world since 2000.
Our guest varies from the individual to the enterprise.
Not only we export tatami but also we go to the foreign country, and we can make tatami, too.
Our tatami mat is made in real Japan.

In Japan, there is a culture called Cherish the harmony among people.
It means valuing harmony with people.
People have different opinions, different positions, different races, men, women,
Children, young people, parents, old people, wealthy, poor, healthy, sick
Each person is different.

Since ancient times in Japan, people from different positions have been sitting on the same tatami mat,
discussing, and talking.
We have respected the position and opinions of the other party,
valued harmony, and gathered opinions.
Tatami has a soothing scent.
It is a good scent that is supported not only by Japanese people but also by many people.
Being in a space filled with that scent gives you a feeling of respect for the other person,
rather than competing with others.

The surface of the tatami mat is not flat, and the grass material is woven in a unique way.
When the gentle unevenness hits the light, it gives off a very gentle glow.
The gentle unevenness gives a unique stimulus to the soles and palms.
The scent, light and touch will fill you with a very calm and harmonious mind.
Please feel the Japanese spirit, which is the essence of Japan.

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We can be adjusted in millimeters the size.Our Tatami mat is made-to-measure.
We make a tatami mat just for you.

For example. .
W 743 mm x L 1721 mm, W 932 mm x L1998 mm, etc.

I do not know well about Tatami, but who would like to consult!
Please contact us from the following site.
Estimate request of tatami
I will take counseling!

This is because, we are tatami craftsmen. morita@tatami-mat.net
Of course it is made ??in Japan.

Would you like to experience Japanese culture on the tatami?
If you want to continue to experience the real Japanese culture,
let's choose a rectangular tatami rather than a half size tatami mat.
And we recommend Tatami with Border installed.
That is because it is the most tatami-like style.

Our tatami mat was used for 007 NO TIME TO DIE.

He is sitting on the tatami we made.

The part of the notice movie that has passed 2 minutes.

We made and exported 300 tatami mats for H&M's Paris collection.

An innovative Japanese tea room

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Paypal -Credit payment- It refaces, and second-hand goods are used for BASE.The price becomes cheap in dramatic form. MIGUSA
Healing space on Tatami Australia tatami photos4

Without border
Japanese paper Seiryu12
Japanese paper tatami
Japanese Paper TatamiSeiryu12,Seiryu14// Without border tatami color// Compatibility test on border and surface// Japanese tea party in Czech Republic// The export record // Tatami layout // Free samples// Comparison of surface materials of Tatami//
New Product!

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Australia tatami photos1 Australia tatami photos2
Australia tatami photos3 Australia tatami photos5
A wonderful Japanese-style room
was born in Australia.

He is Mr David.

Here is his blog.

The blog when Tatami arrives is here.

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Why not try making a Tatami?

Tatami Making Kit is bought,
and it makes it according to the manual.

It is very happy, and easy.
Tatami making kit
Tatami making kit in scotland1 Tatami making kit in scotland2

Mr. and Mrs. A(Scotland) were bought the tatami making kit,
and the mat in the following photographs was built.
How to make mat making kit
Special Goza is mailed from the post office.
Please prepare the substitute of an internal material
of TATAMI in your living country.
For instance, plywood etc.
If it is possible to make it according to the manual,
such a wonderful Japanese-style room can be done
and the manufacture be done easily.

Impression of Mr. A (Scotland).
"It was very happy. "
"Fragrant of the grass is wonderful. "

Please try by all means.

Tatami making kit

Tatami making kit in scotland3 Tatami making kit in scotland4 Tatami -- UK1 Tatami -- UK2 Tatami -- UK3 Tatami -- UK4


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I pray for the souls of former Prime Minister Abe. He was a great leader. Tatami with border Internal material Standard size , Surface : Grass, Core : Straw Standard size , Surface : Japanese paper , Core : Straw Standard size , Surface : Grass, Core : Fiberboard Standard size , Surface : Japanese paper, Core : Fiberboard Large size , Surface : Grass , Core : Straw Large size , Surface : Japanese paper , Core : Straw Large size , Surface : Grass , Core : Fiberboard Large size , Surface : Japanese paper , Core : Fiberboard Tatami withoiut border Standard size , Surface : Grass , Core : Straw Standard size , Surface : Japanese paper , Core : Straw Standard size , Surface : Grass , Core : Fiberboard Standard size , Surface : Japanese paper , Core : Fiberboard Large size , Surface : Grass , Core : Straw Large size , Surface : Japanese paper , Core : Straw Large size , Surface : Grass , Core : Fiberboard Large size , Surface : Japanese paer , Core : Japanese paper