The Japanese culture was born on the tatami, grew up, and was completed


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Will you also experience the Japanese culture on the tatamiI?

Urgent recruitment

Workman who handles Tatami making kit.

My dream is to make Tatami known to the world.

The workman who participates in my dream is recruited.

How much is the price of Tatami Mat made in Japan in your country?
I think to be about $300, and about 220 Euro.

----------Can those Tatami Mat specify the color of Border?
If it is Tatami Making Kit, it is possible to select it from more than 80 kinds of Border.

----------Can those Tatami Mat specify the color of Border?Can those TatamiMat specify the size?

It is safe from 10cm in width to 100cm.
Length can be processed up to the length of Base.

----------Can those Tatami Mat specify the color of Border?If the surface hurts, can those TatamiMat be repapered?
If it is Tatami Making Kit, it is possible to exchange it at any time.

In a word, new Tatami can be sold, and the repapering construction can be undertaken.

Please let me help you.

The history of Tatami is very old.
It was born about 1200 years ago.
Initial Tatami was the one only of putting GOZA woven of the grass on the board.
Present Tatami puts GOZA on Straw Base and Fiberboard Base.
A special tool, the technology, and the material are necessary to make genuine Tatami.
Those tool and material are obtained only in Japan.
In a word, there is only making in Japan to make genuine Tatami.
However, when Tatami completed from Japan is exported, the transportation expense of high priced is needed.
It is more difficult to exchange it even if the surface hurts.
Tatami Making Kit was born for the above-mentioned reasons.

In our shop, Tatami Making Kit is made as follows.
GOZA is cut into the instruction size.

And, Boder is sewn.
Bordes sample

And, it delivers it to your factory by the cheapest mode of transportation.
You only prepare plywood.

You only fix Tatami Making Kit with the stapler cutting plywood.
If you are a workman, it is sure to have the tool and the processing technology.
It will be possible to do in about 40 minutes if it makes it according to the manual.
Tatami will be completed in about 20 minutes if becoming accustomed.

It reaches your factory by $?? and Euro ?? if it is Tatami Making Kit
(six piece purchase and shipping service).
The amounts of money are two digits.
We will inform you of the exact sum with mail.

Will you challenge Tatami Making Kit?

Takashi Morita

Our Shop in Tokyo,Nishi-nippori

Takashi Morita
In British Birmingham in 2001